Quick Start

Welcome to the Nebuly universe! We are working with the community on building amazing open-source software (OSS) to make artificial intelligence (AI) faster and ever more efficient. This way, we want to empower every developer to use the most computing-intensive AI models and develop extraordinary software.
So far we have developed together two amazing OSS to accelerate the most computing-intensive phases of an AI pipeline.
  • ​nebullvm, a library that gets as input your AI model and outputs an optimized version that runs much times faster on your hardware -> ⭐1.5k GitHub Stars
  • ​nebulgym, a new library that makes the training of AI models superfast by just adding a few lines of code -> 🏋️‍♀️ Recently launched
All the work has been done with great contributions of the community for AI acceleration and that has provided feedback, opened issues and pull requests on Github. Super thanks to all 🥰