Questions & contributions

We want to give you all the tools to learn how to build very high-performance AI and let you contribute to open-source so that you will be able to create the next generation of AI applications of the future 🛠
Join the community for AI acceleration to
  • Chat with nebullvm contributors and many other AI enthusiasts within the community.
  • Read and share interesting material on artificial intelligence.
  • Participate in paper reading groups, hackathons, meetups, and many other activities!
Help create amazing open-source to make AI more and more efficient.
  • Open issues on nebullvm to report bugs, problems in using open-source, or to propose improvements, use [nebullvm] tag on Stackoverflow.
  • Use your coding skills to contribute to the OSS. Fork nebullvm, address an open issue or propose a new one, and submit a pull request.
  • Discuss open-source, any ideas or doubts on the community chat.
By the way, also a tiny ⭐️ is very welcome :)

Contribution guidelines

We are very happy that you have decided to contribute to the library and we thank you for your efforts. Below we briefly lay out the main guidelines for conforming your code to the coding style we have adopted for nebullvm and.
We hope to come across your pull request soon!
Happy coding 💫

How to submit an issue

Did you spot a bug? Did you come up with a cool idea that you think should be implemented in the libraries? Well, GitHub issues are the best way to let us know!
We don't have a strict policy on issue generation: just use a meaningful title and specify the problem or your proposal in the first problem comment. Then, you can use GitHub labels to let us know what kind of proposal you are making, for example bug if you are reporting a new bug or enhancement if you are proposing a library improvement.

How to contribute to solving an issue

We are always delighted to welcome other people to the contributor section! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the community, but before you rush off and write 1000 lines of code, please take a few minutes to read our tips for contributing to the library.
If it's one of your first contributions, check the tag good first issue 🏁
  • Please fork the library instead of pulling it and creating a new branch.
  • Work on your fork and work on your branch. Do not hesitate to ask questions by commenting on the issue or asking in the community chats.
  • Open a pull request when you think the problem has been solved.
  • In the pull request specify which problems it is solving/closing. For instance, if the pull request solves problem #1, the comment should be Closes #1.
  • The title of the pull request must be meaningful and self-explanatory.

Coding style

Before you git commit and push your code, please use black to format your code. We strongly recommend that you install pre-commit to reformat your code when you commit your changes.
To use the formatting style defined for nebullvm, run the following commands:
pip install pre-commit black autoflake
pre-commit install
# the following command is optional, but needed if you have already committed some files to your forked repo.
pre-commit run --all-files
Then add and commit all changes!
As for the naming convention, we follow PEP 8 for code and a slight variation of Google convention for docstrings. For docstrings we redundantly express the input type in both the function definition and the function docstring.