Fostering continuous improvement

nebullvm is a young and rapidly evolving open-source project. There is plenty of room for improvement for nebullvm to make your model achieve the very best performance on your hardware... and you may still find some bugs in the code 🪲
Contributions to this OSS project are warmly welcomed 🤗. We encourage you to check out the Contribution guidelines to understand how you can become an active contributor of the source code. You can also support the project by simply using nebullvm and Sharing feedback to improve nebullvm or by directly writing your feedback in the community channels or by creating an issue on GitHub.

Sharing feedback to improve nebullvm

Open-source is a unique resource for sharing knowledge and building great projects collaboratively with the OSS community. To support the continued development, upon installation of nebullvm you can choose to share the information strictly necessary to improve the performance of this open-source project and facilitate bug detection and fixing.
More specifically, you will foster project enhancement by sharing details of the optimization techniques used with nebullvm and the performance achieved on your model and hardware. Clearly, feedback sharing does not involve any personal information, such as who or what company/IP used nebullvm, nor confidential information about training data or model structure.
To be completely transparent about how feedback is shared, you can find the link to the source code here. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
Besides, in case you decide to stop sharing feedback, you can simply change the boolean value of allow_feedback_collection to false in the .nebullvm/collect.json file located in your home directory.
Thank you very much for your support 💙